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Ochre Court Engagement

Ochre Court Engagement

Ochre Court

Ochre Court Engagement

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Jaclyn L Photography

t-The-Nanny-Secret_Mill-8Photo Credit: Vivian Maier //  Image source


Photos are meant to be printed and shared. Aren’t they?  This is the first time that I am really writing from my heart and I have no real purpose for this post but to share with you what I felt at my core after watching this film. It was a powerful and extraordinary film. The only knowledge I had of this documentary was what I heard on NPR a few years ago and my impression couldn’t have been further from the truth. I encourage all the creatives out there to watch this film and come to your own conclusions on who the real Vivian Maier was as I don’t want my interpretation to influence your impressions.

Just to give you a little bit of background, Vivian Maier’s work was acquired by John Maloof in an auction which took place across the street from his apartment.  He was there looking for old images for a history book he was writing. He purchased a few boxes of historic negatives. Once he received the boxes he looked through them and found that there was really nothing there that he could use in his book.  He shoved the boxes in a closet to forget about them. A few months later he needed to get rid of the boxes. He knew they were of no value in negative form so he began scanning the images. During that process he realized how amazing these images really were. That sparked him to dive deeper into finding out who this photographer was. After months of research he found out the woman’s name was Vivian Maier. At that moment he made it his mission to find out who this woman was and why her work was never discovered or printed. Why would a great photographer take hundreds of thousands of images and never share them with the world? Photos are meant to be printed and shared. Aren’t they?

Vivian spent a great deal of time in this tiny town in France (population 250).  Although they loved Vivian, they found her bizarre because she took photographs of everyone and everything. They only ever knew photographs being captured at christenings and weddings.  Forty years later, these images were printed and brought back to the towns people. I couldn’t believe how emotional these people got when seeing these images for the first time. They were able to see who they were forty years ago, the moments of their everyday life and their loved ones who have passed. For me, that was the most powerful moment of the movie. People who once thought getting their photograph taken was bizarre were now connecting and cherishing the moments that Vivian had captured for them.

This is why I do what I do. The wedding day will come and go. You will love your wedding day images when you open your wedding album for the first time and vividly relive your day but as you continue your story with each other and people come and go, the real emotion and appreciation of these images will be apparent. You will understand this when you open your album thirty years later and share your story, your beginning, your moments with your children and your grandchildren. That’s the power of an image. 


Jaclyn L Photography


Mar 20, 2014
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She is a natural photographer who sees what other people do not. With her design background she composes very intricate pictures that are a work of art!

Ochre Court Newport Wedding010


I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon than in the kitchen with these two love birds! When we talked about an engagement session I suggested we have an interactive session, one which would be meaningful to them. They both love to cook so they thought it would be fun to try their hand at making home-made pasta. We had a lot of laughs as they made the dough and tried to get the hang of the pasta press. Afterwards they enjoyed a glass of wine because a pasta dinner isn’t complete without a fabulous glass of wine.











I can’t wait for their September wedding! Thanks for the wonderful afternoon and the delicious pasta to take home!

Jaclyn L Photography