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Buying fun and creative groomsmen gifts is no easy task! Most of us tend to think of the engraved flask or the pocket knife but here are two great place to find unique gifts!

Man Crates
This is a company that really gets what a man is all about. These gift “baskets” will sure make an impact to any man who receives one. I love the Man Crate Manifesto:

“We say ‘no’ to ugly neckties, cologne samplers and executive trinkets. We don’t save wrapping paper, we don’t do ribbons. We ship bragworthy gifts for guys. Gifts that you can’t wait to arrive because you know the recipient will love opening them. Gifts that people gather round at the office, people following the sounds of wood being torn from wood by the included, laser-engraved crowbar.We are Man Crates, and we deliver awesome gifts for men.”

Man Crates - groomsmen gifts

They have something for everyone from the Retro Gamer, to the Whisky Connoisseur, the NFL fanatic to the Outdoor Lover. Here are a few of my favorites!

Man cates - groomsmen gifts

If you’re looking for more of a classic gift but with a twist check out Groovy Groomsmen.

They believe that “Your wedding is a catalyst for celebration, but your groomsmen having fun together is an important side bar to really giving your wedding a great feel. Also, the concept of a groomsmen party should be about bringing a collection of guys together to celebrate and have fun together.”
Here are a few fun things that this great site has to offer!

Cufflinks are a classic gift but get creative with them!

groomsmen gifts - creative cufflinks

SOCKS! Who said boys can’t accessorize? Colorful and patterned socks that matched the bridal party were all the rage this year.

groomsmen gifts - socks

My personal favorite has to be the customized signs! How unique.
Customized Groomsmen Signs

Hopefully these will make shopping for your groomsmen a little easier!

Jaclyn L Photography

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Pose Pretty with Shannon Michelle

Jaclyn L Photography

Skincare Basics1



** Shana is a licensed cosmetologist and specializes in make-up artistry. She trained on Newbury Street in Boston, Massachusetts.** Makeup Artistry by Shana


As a make-up artist, I can’t stress how important skincare is. I work with brides almost every weekend, and the women who have the most glowing complexion are those who follow a good skin regimen. For this reason, I truly believe that the skin that wears the make-up should be taken care of. Below I have listed steps that you can take to be on your way to better skin. Enjoy!


Cleanse, tone and moisturize twice daily.

*Keeping your pores clean is going to help your skin stay free of breakouts. Cleanse your face in the morning after you wake up to remove any oil buildup from when you slept. Always remove your make-up before bed. NEVER go to sleep wearing make-up, it is one of the worst things you can do for your skin!

*Toning is important because it balances the pH of your skin. Whether you tend to have dry, oily, or combination skin, toning is important. Toning will also help tighten pores after they are cleansed.

*Moisturizing is the last important step. Just like you hydrate your body, you want to hydrate your skin with a good moisturizer. Something with a SPF is good for daytime, and before bed use something heavier that will really moisturize your skin overnight. Products such as serums or face creams specifically made for nighttime are ideal. It doesn’t hurt to use a night cream with retinol which boosts collagen production and helps fight wrinkles and pre-mature aging.

*Exfoliation is a great step for putting that glow into your skin. Buffing off the dead layer of skin every couple of days will bring healthier skin to the surface. This helps make-up go on much easier, and allows for a more flawless coverage.

One thing that’s important to remember is that it’s never too early to begin new skincare, but DO NOT attempt any new products or processes a week or two prior to the wedding. You want there to be plenty of time to figure out what products to switch to in the case that you have a reaction to anything new. Begin good skincare months before the big day!


– Shana Christoforo { Makeup Artistry by Shana }

Thank you Shana for writing up this piece on the importance of skincare!

Jaclyn L Photography


Are you looking to add some fun to your wedding? I present you with Chloe, the PhotoBUS by PhotoBooth Planet!

“Chloe is a lovingly-restored, sea-foam green, 1967 VW bus that has been converted into a rolling photo booth. Like our traditional, vintage-style photo booths, guests sit down inside, close the curtain, and push a button to have their pictures taken. Two identical strips of three, high-quality, glossy photos (black and white or color, and customizable to include text) print out in seconds (they take one as a wedding favor and you keep the other, if you like, for a “photo guest book” which is assembled on-site by our attendant).” – Owner, Geoff Gordon





Here’s a great video made by Buzz Media Co. (Amazing Wedding Films) which features Chloe.

I can’t wait to see Chloe at my weddings!

Jaclyn L Photography