May 3, 2018 /

A Newport Vineyard Rehearsal Dinner | Newport, Rhode Island

Shwetha & Andrew held their welcome dinner at the iconic Newport Vineyards. The space was unique with it’s beautiful natural surroundings but had a casual vibe which is exactly what they wanted! It was decorated in red and gold with lanterns lighting the room.

The sunset was soft and glowy, the ideal light to take the couple out for a few romantic shots before the festivities began! I love that the couple were dressed in traditional red Indian wedding attire for this event. The bride decided to wear a “wedding gown” that was gold in color {Wait until you see it!} in place of the red so wearing red the night before was a nod to her heritage.

The welcome reception also included aspects of both a mehendi (Henna) & Sangeet (singing and dancing) party which included sweet smelling strands of jasmine for the ladies, bangles and jewels straight from India and Henna!! The bride had her arms and hands done the day before. 4 hours of holding still and several hours later for it to dry. The goal is to get the henna to be as dark as possible. Darker henna symbolizes a long and loving marriage. All the guests were invited to wear colorful Indian attire to the party and boy did it look amazing!

The guests were mingling after dinner and then the “show” began. There were several groups of people performing different dances. A group of girls did a traditional choreographed dance, the bride’s cousin sang the most beautiful song and friends of the family performed a section of a Bollywood film. All referencing love and marriage.

It was a great night of fun and laughter, the perfect introduction to Newport and for the beautiful wedding to follow!