April 3, 2014 /

The Proposal | Behind the Lens

How a guy “Pops the question” is always a great a story!

Here’s how Mr. L asked me:

About 2 weeks after graduating from Northeastern, I received an email from the Art department asking me if I’d like to participate in an essay contest. Only 300 students from computer science, engineering and design were included on this invite. I’m not one to want to write essay’s for fun, especially since I had just graduated, however the prizes were pretty awesome; an amazing trip to Greece or cash prizes. So one weekend I took on the task of writing this 3 page essay on how technology is changing the graphic design industry (eh, not so interesting). Weeks passed and I had forgotten about the contest until I got a phone call saying I was the grand prize winner! I was in disbelief that I had won. I always knew I wanted to go to Greece for my honeymoon and I thought this might be the perfect opportunity to have my dream come true (if the ring came in time)! The night finally came when Jason and I headed out to the dinner which was being held for all of the essay writers. As we were being shown to our table I had noticed my mom was sitting there. Maybe the school had called my Mom because I was the grand prize winner, so I didn’t give it a second thought but a split second later I recognized the rest of my family and Jason’s family. Now I was really confused. Where were the rest of the essay writers? Where were the faculty? That’s when Jason looked at me and said “Let me explain. You are in fact going on a trip and you are in fact going with me but…… the essay contest was fake.” At this point confusion had really set in. He continues to say “You were right when you said we could use this trip for our honeymoon but you’ll need this (beautiful ring is revealed) first.”  Down on one knee he went and slipped the ring on my finger as a standing ovation ensued throughout the entire restaurant.  Lots of tears and nods followed. I was so surprised and I was so happy that our families were there to witness this occasion!

I can’t wait to hear how your MR.-to-be pops the question!


Santorini, Greece // 2008